The organization is a charitable work of love. Compassion and Mercy. It was founded by faith in 1996 with a warm handshake by Rev. Petri Tervo, Anitta Inkeri Tervo (Finland) and Rev. Joseph Omenihu (Nigeria) on their Friendly Missionary Visit to Nigeria. This vision of faith came true in the year 2000. it has since been sponsored by caring heart (i.e. people who have great love and compassion for the needy in Nigeria and west Africa sub region). Our work includes providing quality healthcare especially to the rural dwellers, health Education. Training of practical Nurses, Maintaining a motherless babies home, distribution of free spectacles to those with eye defects or poor visual eyesight, receiving of relief materials from Donors to distribute to the poor and needy and support for the pastor and Gospel works, giving Education to the needy and less privileged children in terms of scholarship.


Semcon Friends Mission Hospital and motherless Babies Home is a non profit and non Governmental organization, purely a humanitarian organization with the vision of meeting health needs of the poor and less privileged. Providing them with healthcare and health education to the rural populace especially the poor.

Rev. Joseph Omelihu (Director of Missions)



The Semcon Friend Mission Hospital is situated in the rural area with a vision to reach the rural population with their health needs. It is a fifty bed hospital (50 Beds). It has the following services provided:


a) Surgery

b) Maternity

c) Medicine

d) Medical Laboratory

e) Pediatrics

f) HIV/AIDS Counseling unit

g) Rural Healthcare outreach/Health Education.

The spirit of the Lord is upon the Hospital that it has ministered healing and salvation to many through its services here in Nigeria. This work of love initiated in Nigeria has given hope and assurance of life to many as they receive healthcare. Many people have been saved from untimely death and restored to life by the services of the hospital.

In 2004, we completed the building of the intensive care UNIT of the Hospital. We purchased and installed a 35KVA Generator and Built a Lecture hall for the Auxiliary Nurses Training School. The Hospital has progressed in its services. The Hospital has helped to reduce the mortality rate among the rural population


The Hospital has a work force of three Medical Doctors, 15 Nurses, 2 Midwives, 6 ward maids, 6 Security men, 1 ambulance Driver, 2 Watch day security men, 2 Laboratory Attendants, 2 Pharmacy Technicians, 2 Mortuary Attendants, 4 Administrative staff (cashier, Billing clerk, card room Attendants, Secretary/computer operators and Director)