Our Services


We embark on medical outreach to rural communities, where we offer free medical examinations and treatments and give preventive measure. We use  vitamin A and immunization to fight against vitamin A deficiency on children and pregnant mother.

It is sponsored by TASK FORCE SIGHT AND LIFE, P.O. BOX 2166, 4002 BASEL SWITZERLAND who provided us with Vitamin A capsules.

We have Rural Healthcare services where our medical Team visit the rural dwellers, meet people in communities and provide free medical treatments and health education.

ACTION MEDEOR, GERMAN MEDICAL AID ORGANISATION POST FACH 2140, D-47913 TONISVORST, GERMANY, has donated free medicines and equipments to help us reach the less privileged with free healthcare. The health condition of these needy and poverty stricken are very pathetic.


This health project was born in the year 2005 to meet the healthcare needs of the rural and interior villages and tribe’s men population. The aim is to give health education, check blood pressure and vital signs, first aids, medical advice and aids to the less privileged people in the underdeveloped communities of the area of our missionary work.

To this effect, it has been a very successful programme. We have reached many people in their health need and given help. The poor and needy people in the area are enjoying free medical aids now. ACTION MEDEOR, GERMANY (German Medical Organization) donated to us medicines and equipment. Tools needed for this work include:


First Aid Boxes equipped for the work.

Emergency kits,

more equipment are needed for this work.

Sponsors are needed.

NOTE: God rewards those who reach out to the sick “I WAS SICK AND YE VISITED ME”.



We distribute free reading glasses to poor and needy to help in their eye sight problems. The distribution of eye glasses has been very rewarding. How happy are the beneficiaries of these eye glasses. Many people who have considered themselves blind have regained their sight and are going about their civic responsibilities, read their Bibles and sing hymns. You can send reading glasses, even used ones by parcel post to help us reach the poor in their eye sight problems.