Partnership is open to any interested individual, organization and the general public, who have passion for the poor, needy and less privilege. The “semcon friends”, a charitable organization in Finland is in partnership with us here in Nigeria in the great mission work of love and compassion.


  • The organization has needs for fund, supplly of medicines, medical materials and diagnostic equipment for medical services to the rural population
  • Need supplies for motherless babies such as clothing, soaps, baby foods, milk, toys, medical Books, study materials, Apparatus and Audio visual aids.
  • Need supplies for Distribution to the less privileged people in the poverty stricken communities such as clothing, beddings, food items and supplements
  • Need supplies of used and new reading glasses for distribution to the rural population with poor eye vision.
  • Needs supplies of limbs and hearing aids

We solicit for  assistance from spirited individuals, government and non governmental agencies as well as charitable organizations.