Public Health Programs

These programs have been carefully designed with the need of the rural communities in mind. Tremendous progress has been made, which is evident in the improved quality of life now in the area.

1. Malarial Control

* Distribution of insecticide treated nets (ITN) and medicines obtainable from any agency(ies) that may support.

* Environmental Programs

2. Health Counseling on specific health problems/issues

* Sexually transmitted diseases/infections

* Environmental Health problems

* Social and family health matters

3. Nutrition Assessment for children under 5 years

* Measure weight, height and head circumference

* Examine skin, eyes etc.

* Administer Peanut butter or Top Nutri and Vitamin A to malnourished children

* Data entry on the computer

* Monitor for compliance

4. Immunization

· Administration of vaccines

· Data entry

· Monitor for compliance

5. Health Education and Promotion campaigns

· Selected topics relevant to health problems/needs in the area

· Visitation of villages on special arrangements

· Conducting a joint program with medical outreach

· Visitation of different occupational groups and schools in the area.

6. Environmental Management

· Supervision of all cleaning activities and food safety

· Ensure proper waste disposal

· Formulation of some kinds of disinfectants

· Pest control services

7. Community Based Research

· Conduct research on some diseases/problems

· Obtain information from hospital records and from the community depending on the incidence and prevalence rate of diseases/health problems

· Publication in journals

8. Environmental and public health Reports

· Write and send repots to agencies interested in our programs

· Attend Seminars, workshops and conferences

· Subscribe papers and newsletters

9. Youth Programs

· Health and safety education

· Sports (Table tennis, football etc)

· English classes.

NOTE: we need sponsors to assist us with funds, equipment, books and study aids/materials.